Why Choose PhraseVault?

As an easy-to-use phrase manager software and AI prompt manager, PhraseVault streamlines your workflow by organizing frequently used phrases, email templates, and code snippets. Designed for users needing quick access to manage extensive text snippets and AI prompts efficiently. Works great with Apps like Word, Excel, GMail, Outlook, ChatGPT, Midjourney and many more.

Save Time with Quick Access

Quickly access and paste your saved phrases and templates with a simple shortcut Ctrl + ., optimizing your time and reducing repetitive typing.

Secure & Open Source Software

PhraseVault prioritizes your security with open-source availability, allowing you to personally inspect and modify the code.

User-Friendly Interface

Our intuitive interface simplifies adding, editing, and organizing your snippets, making it an ideal tool for both beginners and experts.

Perfect for AI prompt storage

Efficiently manage your repetitive AI prompts for platforms like ChatGPT and Midjourney, enhancing your AI workflow.

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System Requirements: Windows 10 or later / Version: 2.1.2 / File Size: 171.49 MB

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winget install ptmrio.phrasevault

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Use Cases

PhraseVault answers questions like: 'How do I save text snippets for Word?', 'How do I create text blocks for emails?', 'Where can I store successful prompts for ChatGPT?', or 'How can I best manage frequently used responses for customer service?'

By automating your workflows, PhraseVault saves you valuable time by centrally storing frequently used text snippets and making them easily accessible.

Email Correspondence

  • βœ… Standard Responses and Templates
  • βœ… Greetings and Sign-offs
  • βœ… Appointment Confirmations and Reschedules
  • βœ… Meeting Invitations
  • βœ… Thank You Notes

Sales and Marketing

  • βœ… Sales Offers and Price Lists
  • βœ… Standardized Sales Emails
  • βœ… Follow-up Messages
  • βœ… Client Presentations and Pitches

Academic Research

  • βœ… Managing Sources and Citations
  • βœ… Standardized Formatting Templates for Academic Papers
  • βœ… Notes and Summaries
  • βœ… Prepared Answers for Frequently Asked Questions

Documentation and Reporting

  • βœ… Introductions and Summaries
  • βœ… Standardized Paragraphs for Reports
  • βœ… Table and Diagram Captions
  • βœ… Footnotes and References

Marketing and Social Media

  • βœ… Advertising Texts and Product Descriptions
  • βœ… Social Media Posts and Hashtags
  • βœ… Newsletter Content

Customer Service and Support

  • βœ… Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • βœ… Troubleshooting Guides
  • βœ… Standardized Problem and Solution Steps
  • βœ… Greetings and Closings for Chat Support

Human Resources

  • βœ… Job Listings and Descriptions
  • βœ… Standardized Interview Questions and Answers
  • βœ… Welcome and Onboarding Materials

Finance and Accounting

  • βœ… Invoices and Payment Requests
  • βœ… Standardized Financial Reports
  • βœ… Reminders and Notices

Legal and Contract Management

  • βœ… Contract Texts and Clauses
  • βœ… Legal Templates and Documents
  • βœ… Standardized Notices and Alerts
  • βœ… Compliance Documentation

Programming and Coding

  • βœ… Code Snippets and Templates
  • βœ… Commonly Used Algorithms and Functions
  • βœ… Configuration Files and Settings
  • βœ… Documentation Comments and Annotations

AI Workflows

  • βœ… Regularly used prompts
  • βœ… Primings for behavioral fine-tuning
  • βœ… Standardized Workflows for AI Tasks
  • βœ… Frequently Used Training Data and Parameters

Project Management

  • βœ… Task Descriptions and Assignments
  • βœ… Meeting Agendas and Minutes
  • βœ… Project Updates and Status Reports
  • βœ… Resource Allocation and Scheduling



By downloading and using PhraseVault you agree to the license.

Download the EXE file to any target location on your Windows PC or laptop. Follow the installation instructions to complete the setup.

Basic Usage

Start PhraseVault from your Start Menu or Desktop Shortcut. A new tray icon will appear. Use the hotkey Ctrl + . to toggle PhraseVault anywhere on your Windows system. Search for or select an entry; press the arrow keys to navigate through the results and press Enter to paste the phrase into the currently active app. Use the buttons to edit, delete, or copy to clipboard without pasting.

Available Languages

PhraseVault supports multiple languages to cater to a global user base. Currently, the available languages include:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian

This feature allows you to select your preferred language for the interface, enhancing usability and accessibility. You can change the language at any time from the menu bar.

How to manage autostart settings for PhraseVault on Windows?

PhraseVault is configured to autostart by default when your computer boots up. This behavior can be managed directly from the application:

Modifying Autostart Settings

1. Open PhraseVault.

2. Go to the main menu and select File.

3. Toggle the autostart option to enable or disable automatic launching of PhraseVault at system startup.

How does PhraseVault differ from other phrase expanders / phrase databases / prompt managers?

PhraseVault sets itself apart from other phrase expanders / phrase databases / prompt managers in several ways:

Simple by default: PhraseVault provides an easy-to-use and straightforward interface, making it accessible for users with varying levels of technical expertise.

Very affordable: With a one-time payment of 10 € or 10 $, PhraseVault is an economical choice for users who need a reliable phrase manager without breaking the bank.

Open-source code: PhraseVault's source code is publicly available, allowing users to inspect the code and ensure its security, especially important as it may store sensitive information.

These unique features make PhraseVault a user-friendly and cost-effective solution for managing and expanding your phrases efficiently and securely.

Is it secure?

Yes, PhraseVault is completely open-source. You can inspect the code on GitHub or even build it yourself for maximum security.

How to update?

Currently, there are no automatic updates. Check this website on occasion for new versions. Download the latest version and install it over the existing installation to update PhraseVault.

What is the license?

The license for PhraseVault is a one-time, lifetime payment of € 10 or $ 10. This grants you the right to use the software for personal or commercial purposes. By purchasing the license, you support the continued development and improvement of the software. For detailed licensing terms, see the LICENSE file.