Usage Example for AI Applications

Learn how to efficiently use PhraseVault as a prompt manager and storage for your AI applications like ChatGPT and Midjourney. Discover the best practices for storing and managing your prompts using our secure, open-source solution. Optimize your workflow with PhraseVault, your essential tool for prompt management.

Opening AI software and invoking PhraseVault

Open Your AI Software

First, open your AI software such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, or any other platform where you use prompts. Make sure you are ready to enter or use a prompt.

Place your cursor in the input field where you want to enter a prompt. Then, press Ctrl + . to invoke PhraseVault. This shortcut enables quick access to your saved prompts without disrupting your workflow.

Searching and navigating prompts in PhraseVault

Find the Prompt

With PhraseVault activated, you will see a search bar. Start typing to search for the specific prompt you need. The list of saved prompts will filter in real-time based on your input.

Use the down arrow key to navigate through the filtered results. This facilitates finding the exact prompt you need, even among a vast collection of saved prompts. PhraseVault serves as an efficient prompt storage and management tool.

Pasting prompts into AI software

Paste the Prompt

Once you've highlighted the desired prompt, press Enter. This action will automatically paste the prompt into your AI software at the cursor's position, ready for submission or further modification.

Repeat this process as needed for complex tasks involving multiple prompts, making it ideal for managing extensive and repetitive workflows.